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 Gameland vs Angel Of Darkness

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PostSubject: Gameland vs Angel Of Darkness   Gameland vs Angel Of Darkness Icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 4:03 pm

This will be a elimination war meaning only 1 person at a time will fight
between the two clans.

Location: (There Chat)

People that are in the war are listed:




and need another player too attend

This is a 5vs5 war

Time is below
8.30 EST

I might be in the war idk yet because i havent been playing
and a while but im on brawl rite now training getin my skills back
before the war starts so hopefully

and also looking for ppl to be sub for someone else
who wont make it

so contact me if you wish to be in the war

AOD chat:

Gameland vs Angel Of Darkness 292bl9i
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Gameland vs Angel Of Darkness
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